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Cattle sale ban: Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan says new rule is anti-federal, anti-democratic

Condemning the recent ban on sale and purchase of cattle in animal market, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday sent a letter to his counterparts in other states asking them to convey their objections over the latest decision by the government to the prime minister. The letter which was also posted on the Facebook wall of Vijayan decries the new rule saying it is nothing but a negation of the democratic principle.

"It is rather unfortunate that such a drastic measure, producing serious consequences, was introduced in exercise of the rule making power, surpassing the elected representatives of the people and avoiding any public debate. This is nothing but a negation of the democratic principle, which is indisputably accepted as forming part of the basic structure of the Constitution," wrote Vijayan.

The chief minister also wrote in the letter that rule imposes unreasonable restriction on the fundamental right to carry on any trade. "The Rules, by imposing unreasonable restriction on the fundamental right to carry on any trade or occupation under Article 19 (1) (g) of the Constitution, will not stand the test of constitutionality. They also violate the basic right of a person to freedom of choice regarding his food," reads the letter," the letter reads

The chief minister maintained that the new ruling will have disastrous consequences. "Apart from the Constitutional and legal infirmities of the Rules, the disastrous consequences which are likely to arise if these Rules are brought into force make one shudder. It will definitely produce a chaotic situation in the rural agricultural economy in all the States."

Vijayan urged his counterparts to stand together against protests against the Centre's order. "Unless we stand together and oppose this anti-federal, anti-democratic and anti-secular move, it may mark the beginning of a series of similar measures aimed at destroying the federal democratic fabric and secular culture of our country.

"I would therefore fervently appeal to you to convey your objection to the 2017 Rules under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to the Prime Minister, and to request him to withdraw the Rules introduced without any consultation with the States. Since the matters dealt within the Rules squarely fall within the purview of State Legislatures, the State Governments may be allowed to formulate necessary policies and laws to suit the socio-cultural and economic milieu of the State," wrote Vijayan.
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