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CBSE Class 12 exam results to be declared on Sunday, scores may see slight dip

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare the results of Class 12 board examination 2017 on its official website on Sunday.

Candidates can check their results of the exam held between March 9 and April 29 on or after they are declared.

"Results will be declared on Sunday. We will follow the moderation policy as enshrined in rule number 59 of examination bylaws of CBSE," said CBSE chairman RK Chaturvedi.

The moderation policy refers to a practice in which students are given extra marks in subjects regarded unusually difficult, or when there have been differences in the sets of question papers. But such extra marks were often doled out in excess, leading to overall scores being spiked and triggering high cut-offs in universities for freshers.

Nearly 11 lakh --- 6,38,865 boys and 4,60,026 girls --- candidates registered for the CBSE Class 12 exam this year against the 10,67,900 --- 6,21,259 boys and 4,46,641 girls --- last year. It was an increase of 2.82% over the last year's numbers. The number of centres and schools registered for the Class 12 exam were 3,502 and 10,678 respectively.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, which sets the curriculum and organises school-clearing examinations for millions of children across the country, has decided to continue with its five-point moderation policy for this year. Sources said the scores this year may dip slightly compared to last year's since marks will not be spiked.

"Results will be declared in light of the high court's directions and keeping our declared five-point moderation policy in mind. There will be strictly no spiking of marks and the decision taken in the April meeting will also be followed," a source said.

Sources said the scores this year may dip slightly. "This also depends on the performance of the students too. In case they have performed well it might not dip as such," an official said.

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