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Woman says 'triple talaq' to husband alleging three years of abuse

In the middle of the ongoing debate on triple talaq, the practice which enables Muslim men to get an instant divorce from their wives, a woman in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut has hurled the three words at her abusive husband reversing the set diktat.

Amreen Bano, 24, has also filed a FIR or police complaint against her husband, alleging that she was beaten and tortured every day and suffered a miscarriage too.

Amreen and her sister Farheen, 22, were married to two brothers from a neighbouring village in 2012. They allege that since the wedding, they had been incessantly beaten and abused by their husbands, Sabir and Shakir.In September last year, Amreen's younger sister was given a 'triple talaq' divorce by her husband, apparently over a minor fight.

"My husband does not say anything. He does not give money to me, my kids or my nephew, nieces. I want to take him to jail. I want to give talaq to my husband. Like in the Muslim community a man gives Talaq (divorce) by saying talaq, talaq, talaq they get rid of women. Similarly, I want to give him talaq in front of the Muslim community," Amreen declared after meeting the officer.

Both sisters were allegedly thrown out of their homes in 2015 but were taken back later. They allege that the police failed to act on FIRs they had filed against their husbands on January 30.

Amreen and her sister, have sought justice from the inspector general as the FIR filed on January 30 has not led to any action against their former husbands.

"If men can give triple talaq to women, then we should also have the right to do the same. Today I also give triple talaq to my husband and I demand that a law should be made to make triple talaq given by women also valid."Amreen said, while interacting with the media.

Besides, they also demanded arrest of the brothers. IG Ajay Anand has assured of all possible help.

In Islam, there is no triple talaq for women but a system of 'khula' exists in which a woman initiates a divorce with her husband's consent.

The UP police have reportedly assured Amreen that they will take action under the law.
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