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Muslim litigants complain against letting person bearing 'trishul' into Ayodhya complex

Muslim litigants complain against letting person bearing trishul into Ayodhya complex
Some Muslim litigants in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit case have complained to court appointed observers against the Faizabad administration for having allowed a person enter the disputed shrine premises bearing a "trident".

At a quarterly meeting of Muslim and Hindu parties under the observation of judges TM Khan and SK Singh, a delegation led by Khaliq Ahmad Khan handed over a memorandum to the observer judges seeking action against the authorities and an FIR against the person who entered the disputed complex bearing a trident.

The judges had been appointed by the Allahabad High Court as observers.

In the memorandum addressed to both the judges as well as the receiver of disputed site, the complainants said that norms had been violated in allowing a person to enter the premises bearing a 'trishul' (trident).

"Supreme Court in its different orders has banned symbolic religious activities at the disputed site. But the Faizabad administration allowed a person with a religious symbol, and the symbol is weapon. The Supreme Court's order has been violated", said Khan, a party from Muslim side in the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi case in the Supreme Court. The delegation included Haji Mahboob, Iqbal Ansari, Maulana Hasbullah, all party to the title suit pending before the Supreme Court.

They demanded the lodging of an FIR against the person who entered in violation of norms and action against the authorities for allowing it.

The muslim litigants had raised yesterday over a 'sadhu' allegedly being allowed to enter the disputed complex bearing a trident to which the administration had said that the person was only carrying a replica of a 'trishul' and such religious symbols were allowed.
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