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Modi govt has ensured inclusive growth: Naqvi

Modi govt has ensured inclusive growth: Naqvi
Mumbai: The Narendra Modi government has ensured "inclusive growth" in the country, Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said today.
"During the last four years, the Modi government has ensured inclusive growth in the country.
"The atmosphere of development ushered in by the Modi government is against the culture of those people who
had been following the policy of political exploitation,"
the Minority Affairs Minister said.
Despite difficulties, the agenda of development has dominated while that of destruction has been defeated during the Modi government's four-year tenure, he said, speaking at a college event in adjoining Panvel.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has established "marks of success" by removing the "marks of failures" left by the previous government, he said.
Instead of blaming "dilapidated economic system" inherited from the previous regime, the Modi government has worked for development of the country and as a result, India has become a strong global economy, he said.
"Modi has made development a culture and this is a lesson for those who made mockery of development for their political self-interests," he said.
Modi has given a "corruption-free and development-oriented" system, which has ensured prosperity of villages, the poor, farmers, youth and women, he said.
Due to the efforts of the Modi government, the school dropout rate among Muslim girls, which was earlier over 70 per cent, has fallen to about 40 per cent, he said.
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