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Modi corners Cong on 'Nyay' poll promise

Seeks justice for ‘Anyay’ in 1984 anti-Sikh riots & Bhopal gas tragedy

Theni(TN): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday sought to corner the Congress on its showpiece poll promise of "Nyay," demanding justice for the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Bhopal gas tragedy and violence against Dalits.

While terror attacks shook the nation during Congress regime, the NDA's policy halted it, he said at Ramanathapuram.

A vote for DMK, Congress, and Muslim League combine would lead to higher taxes and less development and give a free hand to terrorists and rise of criminal elements in politics, he alleged.

"Those who cannot protect India can never develop the nation. When Congress and their allies were in power, terrorists were attacking the nation regularly. City after city, there were blasts but congress remained helpless and silent."

Time has however changed now. "India will not spare a single terrorist or Jihadi. If they dare to attack us, we will find them wherever they are and ruin their happiness," he said.

Addressing a poll rally here, he alleged the Congress and dishonesty were best friends but sometimes "by mistake," they end up speaking the truth.

"Now they are saying "Ab Hoga Nyay" (justice will be done now) even if they did not intend, they have admitted that all they have done is "Anyay" or injustice for 60 long years," (during the Congress rule), he said.

"I want to ask the Congress party who will do Nyay to the victims of 1984 Sikh riots?

...who will do Nyay to all the victims of anti Dalit (violence), who will do Nyay to the government of great M G Ramachandran ji, which was dismissed by the Congress just because one family did not like those leaders."

...who will do Nyay to the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy, among the worst environmental disaster in India."

Congress, which talks about 'Nyay' has done most injustice to regional aspirations by "shamelessly," imposing Art 356 to dismiss State governments of M G Ramachandran, M Karunanidhi, Communists and showing disrespect to the federal structure, the PM said.

His government however believed in "cooperative and competitive federalism," and regional aspirations mattered in policies. Blaming the DMK, Congress for vote bank politics in opposing a Bill on abolishing Triple Talaq in Parliament, Modi said, "These parties do not believe in dignity of women."

If Rahul Gandhi invoked Tamil pride and rationalist leader Periyar to target BJP's Hindutva line, Modi countered it by referring to the legacy of late AIADMK leaders M G R and J Jayalalithaa, the welfare of Srilankan the state's spiritual ethos. He hailed MGR and Jayalalithaa as iconic leaders who strove for the poor.

BJP stood with people on the Lord Ayyappa issue, he said and hailed the state's spiritual ethos by citing the famous hill shrine of Lord Shiva (Sundaramahalinga Swamy Temple) on Sathuragiri hills in the southern region.

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