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Leopard cub sneaks into Shimla, rescued

Leopard cub sneaks into Shimla, rescued

Shimla: Till now studies done by the state's wildlife department showed presence of leopards in Shimla forests and their occasional movements in the town for the prey, mainly pets and stray dogs.

On Tuesday, a leopard cub strayed into town's Chakkar area causing quite a scare in the district court complex, where it tried to hide itself in the parking lot. The Police officials, on duty, called for immediate assistance of the forest and wildlife teams, which finally rescued the cub after some struggle. The cub was sent to the nearby leopard rescue and rehabilitation centre, Tutikandi.

Reports from the eyewitnesses say the cub, which had sneaked under a parked vehicle, was so frightened that it kept running to places in the parking lot witching human activity and noise.

The Range Forests Officer Himanshu said the rescue team captured the cub using a net instead of a tranquiliser gun. The cub did not suffer any injury during the rescue.

A veterinarian, later examined the cub and also advised the wildlife teams to feed him properly before releasing it back to the forests.

Himanshu said the straying of the cub is, somehow, a natural thing and also a good sign that wildlife in the Shimla forests, was breeding well .

A joint study of the forest department and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), India had revealed some years back that movement of leopards in Shimla town, during night hours for feeding on stray dogs, especially at places where Shimla Municipal Corporation had placed the garbage dumpers. But, they are not necessarily enemies of the human being.

Ashwani Sharma

Ashwani Sharma

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