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Learn, earn, return: Naidu's mantra for students going abroad to study

Learn, earn, return: Naidus mantra for students going abroad to study
Pune: Students who travel abroad for higher studies should return at some point and serve the country, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said on Thursday. Naidu delivered the convocation address at Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth here.
"I understand that many students, after graduation, might prefer to pursue further studies in institutes of higher education, either in India or abroad. "There is nothing wrong in furthering your career prospects, but my advice to anybody who ventures to go abroad is to return and serve the motherland," he said.
"Go, learn, earn and return to the motherland," he said.
Do not to neglect or forget the mother tongue, the place of birth and the motherland, the vice president said.
The British left their education system behind and "reset our minds", he said, adding, "The earlier we come out of that mindset, it is better for our society." The vice president said his definition of patriotism is loving the country.
"The country does not mean (only) the boundaries, but it includes people irrespective of their caste and creed. We may have different languages, religions but there is unity in diversity and that unity is our culture and heritage," he said.
Innovation is most important in today's world, Naidu said, adding, "Do not ape your predecessors or peers blindly. Think creatively to find solutions to the problems faced by the society."
Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, he said "We, the English-educated Indians, often unconsciously make assumption that the microscopic minority of English-speaking Indians are the whole of India." The vice president, who has spoken about giving regional languages their due earlier too, reiterated that all states should consider using local languages extensively in the day-to-day work, and make them an integral part of school curriculum and essential qualification for employment at appropriate levels in the administration.


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