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India reports 26,646 cases in last 10 days

New Delhi: The Health Ministry may have its own method of data interpretation to support their claims of improvement in the doubling rate of COVID-19 positive cases, but the number of the increased cases in the last 10 days has a different story to tell which is far away from reality.

After analysing the cases of the last 10 days, it came to the notice that instead of registering a decreasing trend, the positive cases of Coronavirus has recorded an increase of above 26,000 cases in the last 10 days.

As per the data analysed by the Millennium Post, India recorded about 10,000 cases in the last three days the total number of cases crossed 56,000-mark on Friday.

"In total, 9,909 cases were reported from Wednesday to Friday, while from April 29 to till date total 26,646 cases have been registered. The maximum number of 3,875 cases was reported on Tuesday followed by 3,561 on Thursday 7 and 3,390 on Friday," the data stated. The minimum was recorded on April 29 as on the day 1,813 positive cases of COVID-19 were reported.

Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recorded a remarkable increase in the RT-PCR tests and testing facilities in the last 10 days.

The ICMR, which had 385 functional labs of which 288 government and 97 private labs, has now 453 labs, which includes 332 government and 121 private labs.

While on testing front, the Health Ministry's apex research institute has conducted 14,37,788 tests as on Friday from 7,70,764 tests on April 29 – registering an increase of 6,67,024 tests in the last 10 days. In the last 10 days, the maximum number of 84,835 tests were conducted on Tuesday.

Commenting on the testing capabilities, a senior ICMR official said, "We focused on establishing more and more number of RT-PCR testing facilities as more testing will help in containing the spread of the virus."

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