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If elected, we will guarantee a dignified life to people­­ in UP: Rajendra Pal Gautam

If elected, we will guarantee a dignified life to people­­ in UP: Rajendra Pal Gautam

Delhi's SC/ST Minister and AAP's UP Panchayat Poll in-charge Rajendra Pal Gautam said that the party is open to a coalition if the need arises. While speaking to Millennium Post's

Aaisha Sabir, the Minister said that if elected, the government will guarantee a dignified life to the people­­––something that is missing under the present government's rule.

You have been active in UP in recent times. What has been your observation?

The people in UP are unhappy with the existing government as it is not the people's government rather it is a government for a select few. A government does not belong to a caste or religion but in UP it does. The atrocities against the SC, ST and OBC community has risen immensely under the regime of the ruling party and instead of punishing the miscreants, the State government protects them. The backward classes like Dalits do not even have the power to lodge a complaint and get justice.

What are the key problem areas in the governance model of UP?

It does not look like it is a government elected by the people and for the people. The UP police under the pressure from the State Government is participating in illegal activities and is functioning on the basis of caste and religion which signifies that UP has jungle raj. Ruling party workers slap a police personnel in the police station and no action is taken in the matter. That itself says volumes about the governance there.

In a state when Jungle Raj becomes the rule of the day, the public then rises and wants change and that is what is happening in UP. The ruling party has dirt on the Bahujan Samaj Party and SAPA and therefore these parties are unable to revolt at the decree at which they should. They are unable to speak up as they are under the grip of the ruling party. Apart from the law and order problem, the power tariffs are sky rocketing and people have to decide between running a house and paying the electricity bill. After dealing with such circumstances, the people in UP are asking for a change and are impressed by AAP's work model that they have seen in the Capital. They want AAP in UP as well.

Which areas of UP and what issues will be your primary focus?

AAP has appointed me as panchayat poll in-charge of entire UP and not just a section of the society, so I will focus on the entire state.

Primary focus will be providing a dignified life to the backward classes. Atrocities meted out to them need to stop, their self-respect needs to be restored and ensure their right to dignity is an on ground reality. Health and Education are state responsibilities which we want to ensure the common man gets. The government-run schools and hospitals are in pathetic condition and even if the CM gives the excuse that the conditions of state-run facilities were bad before him then he has been in power for so long so why hasn't he taken steps to fix it. He does not have the intention or the interest to do it. He is more interested in helping the PM make more rich friends like Adani and Ambani or he is busy with the Hindutva agenda or dominating the lower caste which would be roughly 85 percent of the population.

So what will AAP do about it?

The current governance model is going in the direction of making more slaves in the state and not uplifting the backward classes. We will take this issue and this poor governance model to every village in the state and create awareness amongst the people. We will also urge people to not become slaves to this type of ruthless government. Our aim is to take the people out of this slavery and give them a dignified life.

If you were to win UP elections, the first five schemes would be of which department?

Law and Order, Health and Education, Infrastructure in villages, financial support to the youth so that through various coaching they can achieve their dreams, and transport system.

Dalit voters have been wooed by BJP in the previous election, how will you get their support?

They polarised the voters using religion and Dalit voters fell for it. Religion was used as a drug by the BJP and people under its influence voted for that party without thinking through but repeatedly they will not make the same mistake. Those who voted are regretting today and will not vote again.

Will AAP form a coalition in UP, if the situation demands?

We will see the situation then and take a call but we have not closed that option. Coalition is an option we may explore in UP.

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