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House not in order: MP Assembly sees steady drop in sittings

House not in order: MP Assembly sees steady drop in sittings
Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Assembly has been witnessing a steady decline in the number of sittings every year, a trend for which the Opposition Congress has blamed the BJP government in the state.
The Assembly is barely having an average of 30 days of sittings every year in the past one-and-a-half decades.
Assembly Speaker Sitasaran Sharma is concerned about this trend, for which he has mainly blamed disruptions in the House, and called for course correction.
"The declining number of sittings is truly a matter of concern," he said.
The Congress, however, has blamed the government for the drop in sittings, saying the ruling dispensation appears unwilling to face Opposition questions in the House and this often leads to curtailment in days for legislative work.
Official data suggests sittings of the Assembly have been gradually dropping in the past three decades. On an average, 30-31 sittings were held every year in the past 15 years.
According to the data available on the Vidhan Sabha website, in the last 15 years of the BJP rule, the first term of the government - between 2003 and 2008 - witnessed just 158 days of Assembly sittings.
The second term - between 2008 and 2013 - saw 167 meetings.
In the third term (2013-1018), 134 Assembly meetings had been organised and one more session (monsoon) is left before the state faces polls in November-December.
"The number of sittings has come down due to different reasons.
It is often seen the Assembly is forced to adjourn sine die well ahead of the schedule due to ruckus. The recent budget session also ended (on March 21) seven days ahead of the schedule due to this reason," Sharma said.
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