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Hooda opposes taking back Pahrawar village land from Gaur Brahmin society

Hooda opposes taking back Pahrawar village land from Gaur Brahmin society

chandigarh: Former Chief Minister Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Sunday said that his cabinet had given the land of Pahrawar village to Gaur

Brahmin organisation and said no government can take it away.

He also said that the people of the state are facing various problems including unemployment, declining jobs, back-breaking inflation, uncontrollable crime, the rising cost of farmers, and debt.

Addressing a press conference in Rohtak on Sunday, the former Chief Minister said the land belonged to the Gaur Brahmin organisation, it is theirs and will remain so.

"The cabinet had taken a decision in our government, after following the due process of law. The Congress government had given land on lease to the institution for 33+33+33 years at a nominal rate. Even today the institution has the right on the land. If the BJP-JJP government decides to change this decision, the Congress will strongly oppose it," he stated.

The former Chief Minister said the entire tenure of the present government has been full of failures. "No section of society is satisfied with the government. Unemployment is setting new records in the state every day, but instead of giving permanent jobs to the youth, the government is exploiting them in the name of Kaushal Nigam. Due to rising unemployment, crime is also increasing, the law & order situation in the state has completely broken down," he said.

Hooda once again raised the issue of farmers and said the demands and problems of the farmers are also constantly being ignored by the coalition government.

"Despite repeated demands, the government did not give a bonus of Rs 500 on wheat to the farmers, even as the price of wheat in the international market is skyrocketing. The farmers of the country and the state should also get the benefit of this," he stated.

The former Chief Minister Leader of Opposition also said farmers issues were discussed in detail during the Congress's Chintan Shivir where party deliberated upon the import-export policy of farmers' production.

Hooda said the government, which had promised to double the income of farmers by 2022, has only doubled cost and debt.

"There was also a serious discussion on making farmers debt free in the Congress Chintan Shivir. It was decided that a National Commission would be constituted for this. We also decided that in case of non-payment of loan, no farmer's land would be auctioned. Apart from this, it was agreed to give many more concessions including free electricity to the farmers," he pointed out.

"It is obvious that youth, farmers, laborers, employees, traders, teachers, students, and all sections of the society are unhappy with the policies of the present government. Therefore, as the opposition, the Congress has decided to go before the public.

The next 'Opposition Aapke Saamne' program is going to be held in Fatehabad on 29th," the former Chief Minister Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda said.

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