Hawalat is home to a Rajasthan IPS officer

Hawalat is home to a Rajasthan IPS officer
Jaipur: The idea of being taken to a lockup may give chills to anyone but a senior police officer in Rajasthan lives in 'Hawalat'.
But this is no 'Hawalat' (lockup) one is afraid of.
Instead, it is the name, IPS officer Indu Kumar Bhushan has given to his bungalow.
'Hawalat' in posh Hanuman Nagar extension locality here is not a traditional lockup in any police station but a bungalow owned by Bhushan, an Additional Director General (ADG) rank Rajasthan police officer who currently holds no post and is under Awaiting Posting Orders (APO) status.
His penchant for showing creativity has reflected in the name of his home, which is a commonly used word in police parlance. "I named my bungalow as 'Hawalat' last year to show creativity. I am in police so I chose a name in police style only. It is about creativity only that catches people's attention," Bhushan said.
"I have seen several places and things with funny names in New Delhi and Jaipur itself, be it pub or anything else, but their unusual names have not changed the real meaning and the sense of the places and things," he said.
It is not only 'Policia' creativity which brings Bhushan in news, but he has remained in controversies in the past too.
In September 2016, he was forcefully sent to Jaipur from the National Police Academy, Hyderabad, for questioning knowledge of Telangana Governor ESL Narasimhan during a mid- career training programme.
Bhushan had opposed the Governor during a question-answer session and alleged that the Governor's ADC later misbehaved with him after the programme. He was immediately relieved from the programme and forcefully sent to airport from the academy.
Last year, he levelled corruption charges against the top brass of the state police.
He also allegedly abused and thrashed his driver and gunman in 2013.
It is the fifth time in the career of this 1989-batch IPS officer that he has been put under APO status.
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