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Govt sending people to raise pro-Pak slogans during anti-CAA protests: Aziz Qureshi

Sambhal (UP): Former Uttar Pradesh Governor Aziz Qureshi on Monday alleged that government was sending people to raise 'pro-Pakistan' slogans during anti-CAA protests as part of a conspiracy.

Qureshi termed police action on protesters in Aligarh and Delhi as "barbarism" and said when those sitting in the government feel defeated, they indulge in firing and lathi charge. "The followers of Hitler sitting in the government have got their people to sit along with the anti-CAA protesters, raise Pakistan 'zindabad' slogans and indulge in vandalism and arson to make it look like violent protests. This has led to firing by the police. All this has been done in a very planned manner," he told reporters.

Attacking the BJP and the RSS, he alleged that they had "mischievous plans" for Indian Muslims who are being targeted.

"Just as Hitler set up camps , the central government was setting up detention camps and all this is being done to divide the country," he said.

Qureshi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and their entire government, on the basis of their numbers in the Parliament, has got the Citizenship law amended against the very ethos of the Constitution, thereby alienating 20 crore people of the country.

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