Ganga 'polluted' in Allahabad & Raebareli, 'satisfactory' in Bihar

Ganga polluted in Allahabad & Raebareli, satisfactory in Bihar
The Ganga water continues to be highly polluted in Allahabad and Raebareli cities as out of 32 water pollution measurement sites in February, the water quality of the five places situated in these two districts have been marked as 'non-satisfactory' by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

In its monthly water quality reports, the CPCB has released water quality from 32 locations for February in the course of the river out of which the water quality at all the 23 sites falling in Bihar was found to be satisfactory.

The CPCB ground staff used to pick water samples from designated locations on a particular day and time which is analysed in the laboratory.
"So far, the water quality of the five places out of eight places from where samples were picked, was found to be non-satisfactory," said a senior officer of CPCB.

The five places where water sample was found highly polluted are Rasoolabad, Sangam and Kadaghat fall in Allahabad while Kala Kankar and Dalmau lie in Raebareli. The water quality on these places was assessed on four parameters – Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Fecal Coliform Court and Total Coliform Count. As per the water quality norms, the BOD value of water should be below 3 mg per litre of water and DO should be above 4 mg per litre of water.

The highest pollution in Ganga water in terms of BOD was recorded at 4.1 mg per litre of water at Kadaghat in Allahabad region followed by 3.8 at Sangam and Dalmau.

The fecal coliform which is generated due to flow of untreated sewage was found to very high at all these sites and total coliform was also very high against the desirable value of 500 per litre of water. At Dalmau, the total coliform count was recorded at 54,000 per litre of water followed by 51,000 at Kala Kankar and 27,000 at Sangam in Allahabad.


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