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Fight against terror isn't war on any religion or on Muslims: Jordan King

Fight against terror isnt war on any religion or on Muslims: Jordan King
NEW DELHI: Jordan's King Abdullah II said on Thursday that the global fight against terror isn't a war against any religion or against Muslims, it's a war against hate and violence.
He further said that the Prophet Muhammad preached compassion, humanity and mercy. "This is my faith, the faith I teach my children, the faith shared by 1.8 billion Muslims around the world," said Abdullah.
Jordan's King was speaking at a conference in New Delhi on 'Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding & Moderation'. His address is seen as important for India and for the region during a time when regimes are trying to fight religious radicalisation.
"The global fight against terror is not against religions or Muslims, it's a war against hate and violence…We need to check the misinformation groups spread about this," said Abdullah. This misinformation inflames suspicion, said Abdullah.
"Too much of what is heard in news and what is seen about religion today is all about what separates people. Around the world suspicions are inflamed by what different groups don't know about others. Such ideologies of hate distort the word of God to stir conflict," said Jordan's King.
Jordan, he said, is working with the world for peace.
"Jordan is working globally for a dialogue toward peace. The world is one family.
However different our countries and people are we have shared responsibility to each other as well as future," said Abdullah.
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