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DRDO chief calls for synergy in developing explosive detectors

Pune: DRDO chairman Dr G Satheesh Reddy on Sunday said that with the rising terror activities, detection of explosives has become the need of the hour, and called upon the scientific institutes, academia and security forces to focus on explosive detection in bulk and trace forms. He was speaking at a national workshop on Explosive Detection at the High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL) here.

"There is no universal solution in the field of explosive detection as it is constantly evolving. There is a need for a synergetic approach towards developing latest explosive detectors by bringing scientific institutes, academia, security agencies, armed forces and police on one platform," Reddy said. "With increasing terrorist activities, detection of explosives became a compelling need of the hour. Security agencies are continuously suffering from Naxal and other attacks by inimical forces in various parts of the country," he said.

"To effectively thwart the attempts of these anti- social elements, academia, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and other scientific institutes must focus on the explosive detection in both bulk and trace forms," he added.

According to him, a number of technologies were evolving for detection of explosives.

"Particularly in a country like India, which is suffering from these attacks, both at the cross border and within, there has been continuous pressure from the nation and the security forces, agencies to develop various detection mechanism of these explosives," he said.

To fulfil the requirements, several labs under the DRDO, educational institutes have been trying to develop devices and instruments, Reddy added.

During a media interaction later, Reddy was asked if there was any possibility of a setting up a single entity in order to bring the efforts together. In his reply, he said that four laboratories under the DRDO were already working on it.

"We would like to have a steering committee, which will actually drive the outcome of this kind of conference, such as who will do what, the finance, requirements and other things," he said.

During the workshop, a new explosive detection device named 'Raider-X, developed by HEMRL, Pune and IIS Bangalore was launched. It is a rapid identification detector, used in the identification of wide range of explosives.

In his key-note address, Director of IISER, Bhopal, Dr Umapathy, mentioned that serious research on explosive detection technologies in academia started in India only a decade ago, which is now rapidly expanding.

He said no single technology would suffice to detect all types of explosives.

"Hence scientists should think of amalgamation of two or three technologies and come out with devices to provide a comprehensive solution," he added. Jayant Naiknavare, DIG of ATS, Mumbai, called for the need to indigenously develop versatile explosive detection devices.

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