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DIAL's retailer bias in space allotment putting IGI Airport flyers at risk: PAC

DIALs retailer bias in space allotment putting IGI Airport flyers at risk: PAC
Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman K V Thomas, in his last report as the panel's head, has severely criticised Delhi International Airport (P) Ltd (DIAL) for not giving enough space to passengers at both terminals of Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport.

The report says that operators have not allocated space inside the buildings of Terminals 1 and 3 in a scientific manner and commercial establishments are obtruding into areas meant for passenger movement, compromising passenger safety.

Retail shops have cropped up at every nook and corner, with some of them protruding sharply into the walking spaces, the PAC report pointed out.

Members of the committee also warned that the lanes for passenger movement are so narrow that there is a grave danger of mishap or disaster.
The committee was told by DIAL that the license holders are using licensed land and space areas for a large number of other offices in separate wings.

The Air passengers Association of India raised grievances about the poor state of facilities at IGI Airport, which include restrictions in safe movement of passengers, dirty lounges and restrooms during peak hours, low quality of food and ill-managed food courts, inadequate seating facilities at the T1 and T3 lounges, inconvenient baggage handling counters, and lack of transport connectivity between T1 and T3
It also referred to poor cart facilities, uneven terrain outside terminals and long queues both outside the Terminals and inside at the security check points.

The committee found that although feedback forms are available, no action has been taken on these suggestions or complaints. Thomas is demitting office as the PAC's Chairman on April 30 after completing a three-year term.

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