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Despite low death rate, India reports 15,613 Covid fatalities in 15 days

New Delhi: Despite a constant fall in case fatality rate (CFR), the Covid-19 deaths in India continued to rise as in the last 15 days, the country has reported over 15,000 deaths, while 12.31 lakh new coronavirus cases have been recorded in the last 15 days.

Though, as of now, the CFR stands at 1.68 per cent, which is lowest in the world, 15,613 patients have lost their lives in the last 15 days after getting infected with the virus.

After Millennium Post analysed the Health Ministry's data by, it has been found that on an average 1,041 people have died due to the coronavirus in a day in the last 15 days starting from August 27, when India had reported 1,023 deaths in a single day and maximum fatality of 1,172 in a day reported on September 10. The total 15,613 fatalities in 15 days accounts to 20.80 per cent deaths of the total fatalities, which was 75,062 on Thursday after highest 1,172 4 fresh deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. However, the case fatality rate, which was 1.83 per cent on August 27, has come down to 1.68 on Thursday.

Notably, in the last 15 days, only on September 1, India recorded 819 deaths when CFR was reduced to 1.77 per cent while on August 30 when the CFR was 1.79 per cent, the country had recorded 948 deaths and on August 31, the CFR was reduced to 1.78 per cent but deaths increased to 971 in a single day. The each day death toll crossed 1,000 mark on August 27 when the country reported total 1,023 deaths in a single day, which rose to 1,057 on August 28.

The Covid-19 deaths continued to rise after September 2 as total 1,045 deaths were reported on that day, followed by 1,043 deaths on September 3, 1,096 fatalities on the fourth day of the month and 1,089 deaths on September 5, when the CFR was reduced to 1.73 per cent. The country reported 1,133 deaths on September 8, when the CFR was reduced to 1.70 per cent. Of the 1,172 deaths reported on September 10, Maharashtra reported highest 380 deaths, followed by Karnataka (118 deaths), Tamil Nadu (78 deaths), Andhra Pradesh (74), Punjab (71), Chhattisgarh (70), Uttar Pradesh (65), West Bengal (53), etc.

Besides fatalities, the fresh cases have also increased manifold in the last 15 days as total 12,31,389 new cases have been reported in these days starting from August 27. The country has reported 27.57 per cent of total 44,65,863 cases in the last 15 days at an average of 82,093 infections in a day.

A total 10,04,025 patients have recovered in the last 15 days, which means 28.92 per cent of the total recovered patients got cured with an average of 66,935 recoveries in these 15 days starting from August 27.

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