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CSIR ropes in pvt lab for genetic tests

CSIR ropes in pvt lab for genetic tests
New Delhi: In a move aimed at identifying the pattern of genetic diseases in the country, the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB) has entered into an agreement with Dr Lal PathLabs for licensing of 27 genetic tests it has developed.
As the testing facilities for genetic disorders is available in some government hospitals only, the technology developed by the CSIR-IGIB would help in screening the genetical imbalances in patients at a larger scale.
"The technology has been transferred to Lal Path labs which will enable many people to get tests related to genetic disorders done at a reasonable rate in any city of the country," a senior CSIR official said, adding that the agreement would enable wide utility of genetic tests by clinicians.
According to the official, the genetic diseases, though are individually rare, cumulatively affect a large number of individuals, estimated to affect over 70 million Indians.
"In the majority of the cases, an appropriate diagnosis is not arrived at, due to lack of general awareness of genetic diseases, lack of access and high-cost of appropriate genetic diagnostic services. It is estimated that an average patient with a rare disease has to go through multiple health care visits and diagnostic tests and takes approximately 7 years to arrive at a precise diagnosis," the official said.
"Besides, the CSIR had transferred its ayurvedic drug formulation to treat diabetic to Aimil Pharmaceutical. The CSIR developed ayurvedic drug BGR-34 is proving a boon for the diabetic patients," the official said. Early genetic diagnosis and treatment of a large and increasing number of genetic diseases like Achondroplasia, Turner syndrome and Gaucher's disease, could significantly improve the quality of life and outcome of patients, the official said.

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