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Constitution, its values being attacked through 'deep-rooted' conspiracy, says Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday urged people to rise above personal prejudices and stand united to protect the Constitution and its values, claiming that they are being attacked through a "deep-rooted" conspiracy.

In a message on the eve of Republic Day, Gandhi also said every citizen should imbibe the duty to protect the Constitution and strengthen the unity of the country.

"A deep-rooted conspiracy has been hatched to set a discourse to divide countrymen based on religion, regionalism and language as also to subvert and undermine the Constitution. An unprecedented atmosphere of disturbance, fear and insecurity has been foisted upon the country.

"The common citizen is convinced that the constitutional values are no longer safe in the hands of the present dispensation," she said.

The onus of protecting the Constitution is on the shoulders of every Indian, the Congress chief said, accusing the government of conspiring to weakening the Constitution.

She urged people to rise above personal prejudices and parochial political gains, and take a renewed pledge towards nation building

"Today, the Constitution and its values are being attacked by way of a concerted and vicious conspiracy. Constitutional principles are being systematically encroached upon as also the independence of Constitutional institutions is being scuttled at the whims of autocratic authoritarianism," Gandhi said. It is, therefore, the duty of every citizen to stand united in the defence of the Constitution, she said.

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