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Congress slams BJP for intolerance, arrogance

Congress slams BJP for intolerance, arrogance
New Delhi: The Congress in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday accused the BJP-led government of being "intolerant and full of arrogance" and painting a "rosy" picture even when the ground realities only told a story of tall promises and failures.
Participating in a resumed debate on the motion of thanks for the President's address, senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel said even BJP allies like the Shiv Sena, Telugu Desam or the Shiromani Akali Dal also do not seem to agree with the "rosy projections" being painted.
The Rajya Sabha did away with the Question Hour to take up the debate on the motion of thanks.
Due to such a ground situation, the BJP is not keen on holding the Lok Sabha bypolls due in Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, he said, adding that the BJP would fall below the majority mark if it loses these bye-elections.
Patel also claimed that a "feeling of insecurity" was prevailing across the country, whether it is in the social fabric, economic matters, national security, judiciary or independent constitutional institutions. There is no area which has escaped the feeling of insecurity, he said.
"Farmers, labourers and others - all are worried. The BJP will be defeated in 2019," he said, claiming even the Union Budget, on which the
government had pinned its hopes, has "turned out to be a flop".
Referring to statements by BJP allies, Patel said the Shiv Sena had accused its saffron ally of lying, while the TDP has claimed it has reneged on its promises. Even Akali Dal has said that getting 272 Lok Sabha seats in 2019 will be a difficult task.
Taking a jibe at the BJP leadership, he said the situation was such that "something will have to be done".
Rebutting BJP chief Amit Shah's comments that the NDA government was filling the space left by the erstwhile UPA regime, Patel said in 2004, when the Vajpayee government left office, annual per capita income was Rs 24,000. In 2014, when the Manmohan Singh-led government ended its term, per capita income had risen to Rs 70,000, he said.
In contrast, the debt during the NDA rule has risen, he said, adding that it was "clear who is digging potholes".
The leaders of the BJP only know how to try to defame the Congress and the Gandhi family, Patel, a close aide of former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, said.
Attacking the government on the issue of corruption, he asked why the Centre
had reduced the budget for the RTI, not filled key vacancies and neither appointed a Lokpal.
Patel said it was said that the BJP had formed governments in states like Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Manipur after the Modi government came to power at the Centre. In Manipur and Goa, Congress was the single largest party but the BJP formed the goverment.
"With whose support and how?...Now is this ethical, is this morality," he asked.
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