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'Climate change cuts milk production by 1.8 mt/ year'

Climate change cuts milk production by 1.8 mt/ year
The impact of climate changes is not only limited to sudden changes in temperature or disturbing the normal course of monsoon. The new item under succumbing to climate stress is mil production as the dairy industry is suffering a loss of over 1.8 million tonne of milk annually, which may lead to increase in of prices of essential quantity.

According to latest report of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the study pertaining to impact of climate stress on milk production of diary animals has shown that current annual milk loss is 1.8 million tonne. The findings of the study are based on the milk production and climate records of several locations, which include Karnal, Jhansi, Bangalore, Hisar and Kalyani.

Citing the ICAR study, Minister of State for Agriculture Sudarshan Bhagat told Rajya Sabha on Friday that the report of locations were used for developing the relationship between milk production and temperature humidity index. The ICAR developed algorithm for milk production decline were validated on high and low producing crossbreed indigenous cows and buffaloes using 2005 and 2006 data of the institute, the minister said in a written reply to a question asked by AIADMK member Vijila Sathyananth.

Commenting on the climate impact on milk production, a senior official in agriculture ministry said, "It's not that climate stress is affecting dairy industry, instead every sector is under its influence. The best part is that climate stress has not affected milk being produced by indigenous variety of milk yielding animals. As the government has Gokul Mission to protect local breeds, it would help in doubling milk production."

However, presenting milk production statistics, the minister in its reply said, "As per the information given by National Dairy Development Board, during the last 5 years the milk production in the country is steadily rising at the rate of 5% and reached 155.48 million MT in 2015-16."
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