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Celebrate exam: PM to students in book

Celebrate exam: PM to students in book
New Delhi: As the most stressful days are approaching for Class X and XII students, parents and teachers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented '25 mantras' to the students on Saturday as he urged the students to treat examinations as a festival and celebrate it.
In his book 'Exam Warriors', the PM appealed to the students to 'celebrate exam', 'to compete with self', 'live in the present', 'technology is a great teacher, embrace it', and 'to do your best, take rest', 'sleep is great weapon, sharpen it', 'play to shine', among others.
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who launched the book, elaborated on the 25 mantras and termed them as 'Modi-mantras' for students, parents and teachers communities.
Present on the occasion, Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the way the Prime Minister viewed the significance of exam, "this book will find space in each household as it connects with millions of students, teachers, parents and grandparents in a non-political way."
The 193-page book, published by Penguin Books, is being presented in an interactive mode with activities, tearaways and a pledge for the students "not to cheat."
Stating that the book is an attempt to "add to the debate and discourse around the importance of stress-free examinations..." Modi in his note from the author wrote, "It is our collective duty to ensure that their childhood is not overshadowed by the burden of exams and the constant anxiety of 'What do I do next?"
It also has two letters to parents and teachers, where he wrote "You (parents) are your child's best mentor. You know your child better than anyone else, having seen him or her grow up in front of your eyes. Thus, I would request you: always accept rather than expect," while suggesting not to try to realise their (parents unfulfilled desires through children as their (children's) dreams and aspirations can differ.
The PM urged the teachers to engage with students on how to sit for exams in a "tension-free manner," and "how they should always pursue knowledge and not marks."
The book started with the first mantra - "exams are like festivals - celebrate them" where he brings in the parallel like how the festivals bring out best in us and that exams too are meant to bring out the best in the students. In a style that will easily connect with the young generation, the second mantra (exams test your current preparation, not you. Chill!) tried to bring forth the fact that exams are not about "life and death"

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