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CBI to probe alleged drug planting case in Punjab

New Delhi: The CBI will probe a drug case in Punjab where local police allegedly planted heroin in the accused's car. The case was earlier handled by State Special Operation Cell (SSOC) in Amritsar, however it was transferred to the CBI by the High Court following the continued pleading of innocence by the accused person.

While passing the order, the High Court of Punjab and Haryana observed police in Punjab might not have conducted their investigations appropriately and asked CBI to take over the case.

During trial proceedings, the accused Abhishek Chetal had pleaded his innocence.

He said he was being framed by investigators and he had no relations with drug smuggling networks.

SSOC officials in civilian clothes had stopped Chetal's car at a toll plaza in Dhilwan and had recovered over Rs 39 lakh in cash along with 500gms of heroin.

During questioning, Chetal had acknowledged the cash amount and explained that the money came from a business deal he had carried out.

However, he has maintained all along that he has no knowledge of the heroin that SSOC claimed to have found in his car.

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