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CBI chief meets staff to discuss org issues

New Delhi: In an attempt to boost organisational morale and the working environment within the Central Bureau of Investigation, the country's premier investigative agency has started a unique exercise to take note of and deal with issues that employees across the agency might be facing.

The move comes in the wake of major reshuffling exercises that CBI undertook during the turmoil that ensued after the removal of former director Alok Verma earlier this year. More than 20 officers were transferred by interim director Nageswara Rao, who was at the helm of the agency until the appointment of Rishi Kumar Shukla by a Narendra Modi-led selection committee.

Following the scurrying transfers that were made, reverted, and re-enforced during the Asthana-Verma tussle, several officers were reportedly unhappy with the way leadership in the organisation was pushing them around and some have also filed court petitions in this regard.

Sources here told Millennium Post that this new exercise has been put in place so that the "organisational needs and employee needs are met".

Communication lines to CBI Director Shukla, who took charge on February 2, have been opened for all employees to reach out to him.

Sources said that now employees will be free to reach out to the Director's office with issues they might be having, regardless of rank; and that many of them have already done so.

They added that Director Shukla meets these employees on Friday every week and that he has already met more than 30 such employees and discussed issues they have been coming to him with.

When asked what kind of issues are being discussed during these meetings, sources said that they tend to go over any problem that the employees might be facing within the organisation.

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