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BJP win in Tripura due to influence of power at the Centre, says CPM

BJP win in Tripura due to influence of power at the Centre, says CPM
Thiruvananthapuram: Terming its drubbing in the Tripura assembly polls as temporary, the ruling CPI(M) in Kerala on Sunday alleged that BJP's victory in that state was due to the 'influence of their power at the Centre.'
CPI(M) state secretary Kodeyeri Balakrishnan said at Kannur that there would be victory and defeat in elections in a democracy.
The CPI(M) was not a party that would "over celebrate" an electoral victory or plunge into despair during a loss, the polit bureau member said and expressed confidence that the Left party would make a comeback in that state.
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said BJP's win in Tripura was a setback not only to the Left, but also to the secular and democratic forces in the country as a whole.
In a Facebook post, he said reasons for the party's setback would be examined and necessary steps taken.
Vijayan said BJP managed the victory using the "influence of their power at the Centre and pumping money." The saffron party also made unholy nexus with separatists.
It was also to be noted that the Congress that captured 36.5 per cent votes during the last polls had gone to BJP this time, Vijayan said.
He pointed out that CPI(M) secured 42.7 per cent votes by overcoming all types of 'political machinations' of BJP in that state. BJP had unleashed violence against Left cadres in Tripura after its victory, he alleged.
Former Chief Minister and veteran party leader V S Achuthanandan said that the party's defeat in the Tripura should be viewed with utmost seriousness.
"The CPI(M)'s setback in Tripura should be viewed with utmost seriousness" and urged the party leadership to join hands with secular forces to fight the sangh parivar.
The country was facing serious challenges. The Congress, which had ruled for decades in the post-independence period, had become "weaker now," the 94-year-old Marxist veteran said in a statement here.
The Left parties, which ruled West Bengal and Tripura, were also "weak," Achutanandan, who supported the party General Secretary Sitaram Yechury's line of having an understanding with Congress to fight the BJP, said.
As the Left parties had no strength now to fight and defeat the sangh parivar forces on its own, a tactical move with secular forces was necessary, he said.
Senior party leader and state Minister A K Balan alleged that the saffron party had "misused" money and power at the Centre for their victory in the north eastern state, which had been considered as the fortress of the Left party.
BJP's win was a challenge to democracy and the national integrity, Balan told reporters at Kasaragod district.
"BJP's victory in Tripura was the sabotage of democracy.
What happened there was not the people's mandate," he said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and union ministers had camped in the small state before elections, he said, adding, that the saffron party had even joined hands with "separatists" for the poll victory.
Senior CPI(M) leader M V Jayarajan said in a Facebook post that BJP's win in Tripura was the result of money power and the "unholy alliance with terror groups." Jayarajan, also the private secretary of Vijayan, alleged that Congress leaders and its cadres had moved towards BJP.
He also said that the poll result of Tripura should not be viewed lightly and all patriots have the responsibility to check and isolate any effort of the 'communal forces' gaining strength in the country.
Senior polit bureau member M A Baby told PTI that the defeat of the party was "unexpected" but "we respect the verdict of the people."
However, he said though the 25 years-old Left government had been defeated, "we still have over 35 per cent vote share, which is a substantial section of Tripura voters."
"However, there is a decline of 6-7 per cent vote share of the Left front. It is a the erosion has taken place and why this happened will be dispassionately examined by the party in Tripura and the national leadership," he said.
Baby, a former state minister, said most of the votes of Congress and its allies had shifted to BJP.
He said the failure of Congress to hold on their influence was a primary reason for BJP's victory. However this did not belittle the setbacks suffered by the Left, he said.
BJP and its state ally, the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura, are set to form the next government in Tripura, after securing a majority in the 60-member assembly in the February 18 election.
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