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Bengal: Six vets remove iron chain inserted into jumbo's skin

KOLKATA: The state Forest department successfully removed a portion of an iron chain that was embedded in the skin (at the front right leg) of a tusker that had strayed into the Bengal forest from Jharkhand two months back.

"A team of six veterinarians successfully removed the iron chain after a team of our forest guards had tranquilised the elephant. The wound has also been nursed and long lasting antibiotics have been given. The elephant has been revived. It is presently moving in the wild and its movement is being tracked," Vinod Kumar Yadav, state Chief Wildlife Warden said.

A senior official said if any irregularity is observed in its movement then it will be removed to the Jhargram Zoo Hospital for necessary treatment.

The elephant's wound was first detected by forest staff and some villagers in Jhargram two months back. Then, it moved to Lalgarh and Bishnupur. Later, it reached Sonamukhi in Bankura through the Joypur forest.

A month back it was tranquilised at Sonamukhi and the outer part of the chain was removed. But some portion of the same that had got embedded in its skin could not be dislocated.

The elephant moved to Barjora and last week another attempt was made but the pachyderm could not be tranquilised. However, realising that the elephant was in great pain, three expert teams were formed and ultimately the efforts bore fruits on Thursday.

"The elephant had come from Jharkhand and we have no clue who had tied the chain in its feet and how it got embedded," the official said.

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