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Baghel's push helps state fight virus crisis efficiently

New Delhi: In the war against the Coronavirus epidemic Chhattisgarh's exceptional management is clearly visible. Despite being a tribal-dominated state, Chhattisgarh's management of the virus crisis can be seen as an example for many states.

The state government has taken many important decisions in this regard such as sealing the state borders. Such decisions have resulted in better controlling of Coronavirus situation in the state. With better coordination with the Centre, the state is working efficiently in every front to control the epidemic.

The state government issued lockdown instructions immediately after the very first case of virus patient was reported in the state. Also, people were made aware of social distancing.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel taking steps in context to social distancing appealed to the people of the state to go back to their home and stay inside. Posters and banners of Chief Minister appealing to people with folded hands to 'return home' proved effective in keeping the people inside.

A number of initiatives have been taken by the government to create awareness among people in rural and urban areas of the state.

Short video clips with slogans in local dialects were created and shared through various WhatsApp groups and other social media. The impact of the government's efforts in creating public awareness was such that the tribals in Bastar region also started finding measures to prevent infection at the local level. The tribals of Bastar, Narayanpur and Bijapur districts started using masks made up of leaves to prevent infection of Coronavirus. Many villagers restricted themselves from going out by putting barriers outside villages and also barred the entry of outsiders in their villages.

Various initiatives have also been taken in the state to ensure social distancing. People are forming a circle outside ration shops to buy rations and maintaining a proper distance in vegetable markets. The state government has issued helpline numbers for home delivery of vegetables and ration for the convenience of the people. Also, these facilities are being extended to the needy. The crisis situation is being controlled by holding cabinet meetings twice a day and gathering information through video conferencing. Baghel is reviewing the situation in each district through video conferencing. Health departments of all districts have been put on high alert.

On the appeal of the Jharkhand Chief Minister on social media, Baghel immediately made transportation arrangements for sending hundreds of workers from Jharkhand working in Bilaspur to Jharkhand but also made proper arrangements for their food.

The Chhattisgarh government is providing free-of-cost food grains such as rice, lentils, oil, spices and other ingredients to thousands of needy families to ensure that no one sleeps hungry during the lockdown.

Apart from this, food is being distributed to all the labourers coming from outside the state along with arrangement to stay. Arrangements are also being made in coordination with other states to ensure that migrating labourers from other states reach their home safely. Instructions have been issued to collectors of the border districts for health checkup of migrating labourers.

All civic amenities are reaching the public very easily and at reasonable prices. It is not an easy task to provide basic essential items like vegetables, fruits, groceries, milk, bread, goods of daily needs, petrol, and diesel to the general public.

The Chief Minister has proved his administrative skills and his image as a mass leader. Today, no individual is facing a crisis of availability of food and shelter in Chhattisgarh.

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