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Ayurvedic drugs may be answer to kidney dialysis

Ayurvedic drugs may be answer to kidney dialysis
New Delhi: As the country is all set to celebrate International Women's Day on Thursday, the Ayush Ministry is ready with its plan to aware masses about the efficacy of different ayurvedic drugs to treat kidney ailments on World Kidney Day, which is also observed on March 8 every year.
Highlighting the benefits of ayurvedic drugs, an official said that ayurvedic medicines such as Neeri KFT not only save kidney patients from going on dialysis but also gives relief from dialysis which is not the case with patients under allopathic treatment as they have to stay on dialysis if the kidney is damaged.
It's worth mentioning that impact of ayurvedic formulations in curing kidney ailments have also been mentioned in a research paper published in the Indo-American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. In the recently published research paper, it has been mentioned that Neeri KFT, an ayurvedic medicine made up of five herbs on ayurvedic formula, has the potential to control kidney disorders.
"In modern therapy, we do not have any particular drug for its treatment. Many times dialysis is recommended
to show the progression but it is too an agent to delay but not prevent the inevitable loss
of kidney functions," the official said, adding that on a national level, we have Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme as part of National Health
Mission which is the lone warrior in government's war against chronic kidney diseases.
As per government estimations, about 22 lakh patients slip into end-stage renal disease every year. The WHO has estimated that by 2025, 18 per cent of the world's men and 21 per cent of women in India would be in the grip of obesity, which is a major cause of kidney diseases.
Commenting on the issue, ayurvedic consultant Nitika Kohli said, "It has been proved that lifestyle disorders such as hypertension and diabetes put a person on a higher risk of getting caught in the clutches of chronic kidney diseases and India is already on the wrong train". Notably, in its study, the Department of Ayurveda of Banaras Hindu University has also stated that heavy elements, metabolic by-products such as catenin, urea, proteins, etc are being controlled rapidly in kidney patients using the herbal drug.
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