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Avoid liquor and smoking during isolation: Experts

New Delhi: Amid the rise in confirmed cases of Covid-19, the experts have advised people having a travel history of overseas countries and those who are in contact with persons who have returned from abroad to stay at home even if they have tested negative for coronavirus.

The experts have made it very clear that those in home quarantine for 14-days should avoid consuming alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, sleeping pills and pain relief tablets as it reduces the immunity of the human body.

Commenting on the myths regarding consumption of alcohol helps in fighting the virus, senior a government official said, "It's not true as there is no proven study in support of such claims."

"Those who have been quarantined at government-created isolation facilities, they are served healthy food and none of any such prohibited items, the official said.

As per the experts, people who are in self-isolation or home-quarantine need to maintain proper hygiene at regular intervals and avoid getting direct contact with their family members and others.

Clearing the doubts about what to eat during the 14-day quarantine period, the government official said, "Those who are in self-quarantine must eat a balanced and healthy food. They should avoid outside food and stick to only properly home-cooked food."

"At this time of medical crisis, everyone should start eating green vegetables and protein and vitamin C rich diet. People are also advised to eat salads only after washing it properly with clean water and stop eating any kind of half-cooked food," the official said, adding the taking bath with hot water and drinking plenty of lukewarm water have no role in killing the virus in the infected person.

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