A complete list of dress-cuts for this season

You'd be surprised at how easy shopping can be once you've armed yourself with knowledge of which dress styles suit you best. The right cut makes you feel good wearing it and can brighten your whole day. This season, many new cuts are trending and some of the previous year's trends are being repeated. Ashima Sharma, a fashion designer and founder of Ashima S Couture have listed some of the most trending and popular cuts that you can go for:

Laser cut dress trends:

Laser cuts are trending in Pret wear and couture outfits as well. The laser cuts are majorly popular among youth and can be seen very prominently in skater skirts and pleated skirts. Also, these laser cuts can be seen in bell sleeved outfits.

Front slits: Back slits in pencil skirts were a popular thing in the 90's and have continued to be an office or formal classic trend cut. Front slits – especially 2 front slits – are a very trending cut style in western outfits like maxi dresses, palazzo styles, and bell bottoms. These front slits give a retro look and are quite a trend in dancing outfits and party wear.

Asymmetrical Cuts: Asymmetry has been a trending cut since last few years but this year the asymmetrical cuts have been improvised further. Asymmetrical double layered outfits are the new black.

Tassels or Fringes Cuts: Tasseled outfits are the newest trend and can be seen donned in party looks by the youth these days. They are a funky beach evening option, dance option and can be worn as a dress or a skirt to add the boho element to the look.

Rugged denim cuts: Rugged cuts are a very popular trend these days and can be seen almost every day on somebody or the other. The most popular option for rugged cuts is denim fabric with styles like shorts, skirts, overalls/dungarees, dresses etc.

Patchwork of floral motifs attached at the hemline: This is also growing to be a very popular style these days and can be seen in college goers these days. The college girls can often be seen with a patchwork of the floral motif at the hemline of their tops or dresses.

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