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252 recoveries in last 24 hrs, India's highest ever

New Delhi: Even though the death tally of COVID-19 patients rose to 452 on Friday, the experts have claimed that the death rate would not increase further from existing 3.2 per cent as the country would witness a significant increase in the recovery rate after highest ever 252 patients discharged in the last 24 hours from the hospitals.

"The trend of recovery is increasing. In this week only the recovery rate has improved from 11 per cent to 12.7 per cent, which is a great achievement for the government while the death rate continued at 3.2 per cent," the official said. Further added that a total of 171 patients were discharged from hospitals on Thursday.

In Maharashtra, which has the highest number of COVID-19 cases, just 194 patients have recovered out of total 3,205 cases, while in Kerala 245 of 395 patients have recovered so far. 51 patients in West Bengal have been successfully pulled out of the deadly disease, while Bihar has reported 37 recoveries out of 83 cases till now.

"If 80 per cent of the patients in India are recovering and 20 per cent cases of deaths are being reported, then by that standard India has been doing a little better than many other nations on the outcome ratio," said joint secretary (health) Lav Agarwal. He further added that the average growth factor of cases from April 1 has been 1.2, whereas between March 15 and 31, it was 2.1.

The Health Ministry official further said that the Group of Ministers held a meeting on Friday to chalk out a roadmap about the lockdown and reviewed efforts of science and technology institutes in diagnosis, vaccines, drugs, hospital equipment accessories and general wellness.

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