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Narendra Modi attacks Salman Khurshid for questioning role of EC and SC

Narendra Modi attacks Salman Khurshid for questioning role of EC and SC
In his second rally in Odisha, Modi did not go after the state chief minister, who has since distanced his party from the Third Front, with the same vigour as he had done in his first rally in Bhubaneswar but targeted the Congress.

He condemned external affairs minister Salman Khurshid remarks in London in which he had criticised Election Commission and Supreme Court and said he used a foreign land to target the country's two respected institutions.

'I wonder which country does he represent. He has gone to London to abuse the EC. He has destroyed its reputation. They (Congress) are looking for excuses for their certain defeat. He has attacked the Supreme Court also. Prime Minister, it is your responsibility to look into it,' he said.

The name of Indian National Congress should be changed to Institution Neglecting Congress, he said, adding that it had become the ruling party's habit to attack and abuse institutions.

His rivals, he said, have no agenda but to chant 'stop Modi, stop Modi. I am working 24 hours a day to find solution to India's problems. They are working to find a solution to Modi.'

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate said he wanted to pursue politics of development, jobs and prosperity and wipe off tears of the poor.

'You give your blessings to me. The world will otherwise gallop past us and we will remain laggards. The more you tolerate them (Congress), the more pain they will inflict on you,' he said.

'The electoral fight in 2014 is all about good governance and you should join it with lotus (BJP symbol) and Modi,' he said.
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