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N Korea’s Kim Jong-un bans his own name!

A South Korean official said Wednesday that Pyongyang forbids its people from using the same name of the young absolute leader.  The measure appears meant to bolster a personality cult surrounding Kim, who took over after the death of his dictator father Kim Jong Il in late 2011. The order was issued in January 2011.

According to the Daily Mail, South Korean television obtained a leaked internal document from the state that included an “administrative order” to army, police and government officials to establish the new legislation.

“All party organs and public security authorities should make a list of residents named Kim Jong-Un... and train them to voluntarily change their names,” it reportedly reads.

Those caught with the name Kim Jong-Un, it continued, would have their identity cards, school diplomas and official documents briskly adjusted. Birth certificates baring the dictator’s name would also be rejected.

The state document obtained by South Korea’s KBS TV station contains an “administrative order” from then leader Kim Jong-il for all party, army and police officials to ensure that the directive was carried out. Seoul officials say Pyongyang also banned the use of the names of Kim Jong Il and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung.

The Seoul official said Kim Jong Il in early 2011 ordered citizens with the same name as his son to get new names and demanded that authorities reject birth registrations of newborn babies with the name. The official requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorised to speak publicly.
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