Mystery shrouds death of mother and son at Survey Park

Police suspect that the woman Arpita Ghosh had committed suicide after killing her seven-and-a-half -year-old son Arka Ghosh. However,the exact reason behind their death is yet to be ascertained. 

The police are also trying to find out whether anyone had set them on fire and created the crime scene in such a way as if it will appear that they the woman had committed suicide after killing her son. A senior police officer said that when local people saw smoke blowing out of a window of the victims’ house they informed the police and broke open the door. Policemen had reached the spot before anyone had entered the house.

Upon arrival,Police found the charred bodies of the mother and son and sent the bodies for an autopsy.    

The investigating officers later found that the victim had written on a wall that her husband was responsible for the death. The victim’s husband, Tushar Gosh, an engineer working in a company at Salt Lake Sector-5, was asked to come and was arrested when he reached the spot.

Investigating officers questioned some of the family members and neighbours of the victim. After speaking to them, police came to know that they had not found anything suspicious in victim’s behaviour when they talked to her on Sunday night and Monday morning.

The boy had also gone for private tuition on Monday morning. But, some of the neighbours told police that the couple’s had entered into a quarrel few days ago. 

The police questioned the neighbours to know whether anyone visited the house on Monday evening.


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