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Myntra will log in to ‘app only’ platform from Friday

E-commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle products <g data-gr-id="14">Myntra</g> on Tuesday announced its transition into <g data-gr-id="13">an mobile</g> 'app only' platform from May 15, marking the end of desktop and browser based shopping.

"Looking at all the data and the trend and the future of internet in India we believe that Myntra now will be able to service all its customers in the best way if our services are available only on through app on mobile phones," <g data-gr-id="25">Myntra</g> CEO & Head of Commerce at Flipkart Mukesh Bansal told reporters. 

He said, "...we have decided that effective May 15 Myntra services will only be available through <g data-gr-id="22">app</g> on all <g data-gr-id="26">smart phones</g>, we will not support other channels..." Myntra said the rapid expansion of smartphones from 120-140 million in 2014 to 600-700 million in 2020 will provide the base for creation of an inclusive market unprecedented in the history of fashion shopping. It said mobile apps are taking utilitarian role in users' life by being the default mode of accessing and consuming internet services, adding that according to a recent study, 90 <g data-gr-id="27">per cent</g> of smartphones users in India use apps, which is close to 158 million as of today. India stands second only to US in the use of shopping apps. 

Stating that more than nine million users have downloaded the Myntra app so far, the company said with the introduction of new futures it is targeting the next five million app downloads in 3-4 months with customer engagement increasing <g data-gr-id="15">multi-fold</g> over the quarter. The company officials said close to 95 per cent of internet traffic on Myntra comes through mobile devices, and over 70 per cent of sales are via mobile devices. 
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