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‘My parents were like Ki & Ka’

‘My parents were like Ki & Ka’
Sunny Leone, said that she had grown up in a household where she saw her parents share the daily chores, at a press conference in the national Capital. She was accompanied by her co-star Tanuj Virwani and director of One Night Stand, Jasmine D’Souza to address the media at PVR Plaza in Connaught Place.

“When we talk about women’s empowerment of the next generation of women, we have to teach them to be independent and tell them that if someone hurts them they don’t have to yell, shout or fight, but stand up for themselves. The little choices made by someone every day, makes them confident and strong as a person. I grew up in a house where my parents shared the chores. They were like Ki & Ka, though not in the exact sense... My father loved cooking, a reason why my brother became a chef. I saw my mother take out the trash, mow the lawn, and help out my father wash the car. While, I also saw my father wash the dishes and vacuum the house,” Sunny explained her concept of women’s empowerment and gender equality.

When asked about the experience of shooting One Night Stand, Tanuj Virwani, son of veteran actor Rati Agnihotri said, “It was an awesome experience shooting the movie. This concept of one night stand, is like a taboo in the Indian society, we wanted to make the movie with the right sensitivity. Even though it happens in the urban society, it is not a topic discussed widely. We show the repercussions of a one night stand in this movie and how it affects someone who is already committed to a family or a relationship.”

“We did quite a lot of workshops, and had lots of discussions about the scenes, since we as ourselves, don’t have a lot in common with these characters. Generally in other sets, we have a lot of masti, but this set was more sombre, it needed to be calm and serious,” explained the Jism 2 actor.

When Jasmine was questioned, how they had managed to wrap up the shoot within 2 month, “I think, if you know the kind of shots that you require, and if you have a proper planning to carry them out, you can finish shooting pretty soon. We haven’t rushed through any of the scenes. We finished filming in 50 days including the songs,” came the confident reply from Jasmine D’Souza. “I had a very supportive crew, I had the most awesome technicians and we all worked as a great family,” she added.

And what had inspired Sunny to do this film? Sunny said, “I liked the story of One Night Stand. I had a lot of faith in Jasmine and Tony, who I had met through Ragini MMS 2, I knew that they were going to make it look very different from the movies I had done earlier. As far as the story goes, for me it is quite different.”
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