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‘My friend was very brave’

‘My friend was very brave’
‘It was my mistake that I boarded the bus because of which the incident took place. This brutal incident could have been averted,’ said Awindra Pandey, Delhi gangrape victim’s friend, in an televised interview on Friday.

‘My friend was very brave. I believe that she has only gone physically but she is alive in everyone’s heart. Despite suffering a lot and being on a ventilator, she had written a four-page statement in front of the sub-divisional magistrate narrating the entire incident in depth.’

‘I became unconscious after being beaten up with iron rods so I was completely unaware what my friend had gone through. But when I read her statement I was stunned and shocked. I can’t believe that any human being could be capable of such horrendous things. It’s really sick!’

In the statement, she had mentioned that she wanted all the six accused to be burnt alive. She was against the death penalty as she wanted them to suffer the pain for long. But a death penalty would mean the accused would die in seconds. ‘She wanted to live for her parents as she wanted to do lot of things for them.’

Pandey expressed his misgivings about the public outrage. According to him public often lookaway when the victims beg for help. ‘Nothing will happen if candles are being lit either for the soul of the victim or for victim’s better health. Until unless people take initiatives to help the needy, the candles won’t work,’ he said in a choked voice.

‘Earlier, I felt scared of sharing the incident with my near and dear ones thinking someday they would definitely look at me with lot of questions in their eyes. But then I felt if I do not speak up, the matter will be closed without any result.’

Delhi police, who claimed to be with us every moment, were the ones who were fighting within themselves for about half an hour. They wasted time in deciding under which police station’s jurisdiction the case fell. ‘We were lying near Mahipalpur flyover for one-and-a-halfhour after which the PCR call was made by three people who found us. And the PCR van came after 45 minutes. Till then we both were lying in the bushes without clothes in such a cold weather, said Pandey.

‘The accused tried to ran over  us after dumping  us from the bus, but I managed to pull my friend towards the bushes.’
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