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My first day in India

 Kurreeman Beebee Razeenah Nooraiya |  2015-09-27 18:49:10.0  |  New Delhi

My first day in India

The Flight MK744 from Mauritius landed at Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi on 10 <g data-gr-id="27">January,</g> 2015. “Time is 7.00 and the local temperature is 6 degrees Celsius”, announced the pilot. This triggered in me a feeling of enthusiasm and I was full of hope for a bright future abroad.

Upon exiting the plane, the next stop was the customs. I had built up all the anxiety over not being questioned unnecessarily but surprisingly enough, the immigration officer spent five long minutes going through my passport and questioning me about things mentioned in my student visa already. Once done, I heaved a sigh of relief and went to collect my luggage.

As I stepped out of Gate 5 at around 9 am, the <g data-gr-id="29">bone chilling</g> weather gave me feelings <g data-gr-id="28">ofuncertainty</g> about how I would adjust to weather conditions I had never experienced before. At last, I saw a young man holding a placard, on which was written ‘Ms Kurreeman Razeenah’ in bold. I was delighted to know that the manager of the hotel had sent his representative on time. I greeted him and was directed towards the parking space, where I boarded a white Honda car and headed to the hotel.

My first impression of the driving was that people in India are all suicidal and they constantly keep using their automobile horns to prove it. After nearly an hour of driving through the highway with big speed bumps, cows crossing over, people selling items and begging at traffic signals, I reached Hotel Jewel Palace at Ajmal Khan road, Karol Bagh right in the heart of the capital city. Once done with all formalities at the reception, I was directed to room 302, a single deluxe room on the third floor. It had all the amenities and I was glad to be provided with a heater.

Exhausted, I slept for almost the whole day, after which I ate delicious ‘Kadhai Paneer’, an Indian dish made of mixed vegetables, cottage cheese, and Naan for dinner. Later, I prepared myself to visit my new university campus the following day, hoping to have the ability to cope up with this new lifestyle.

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Kurreeman Beebee Razeenah Nooraiya

Kurreeman Beebee Razeenah Nooraiya

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