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My character in Vinyl is kickass: Juno Temple

My character in Vinyl is kickass: Juno Temple
Juno Temple was nominated at the BAFTA for ‘BAFTA Rising Star Award’.  She stars as Jamie Vine in Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl. She reveals more about her role in the film and her personal experiences.

Jamie’s an incredible character – what drew you to her?
Juno: She is, isn’t she? She’s kickass. It was a great moment when I got the part, because I was getting ready to go to a Christmas party and I was faffing about in my living room in LA, and my agents all called me at once, which always means like either good news or bad news. I said: I’m getting ready, I’m not going to be late, I promise. They were like: you booked the part. I literally collapsed on the floor and have a momentary weep, and I woke my entire family up at three o’ clock in the morning in England. I couldn’t believe it. I remember reading the pilot and just thinking like: this is like my ultimate fantasy. I wish I’d been a young woman in the 1970s - what a time, musically, fashion wise, and with this huge move forward for women - birth control was legalised, abortion was legalised, sex became a whole new thing for women. Women were really starting to speak out, stating we are just as fabulous as men are, if not better. And Jamie is the epitome of that. It really is an honour to play her because she is one of those badass chicks that I think would inspire women around her.
Do you think her bad-assery is in some ways a reflection of the time as well – that she had to be incredibly tough and committed to get the things she wanted?
Juno: I feel like in the 1970s, there were such incredible artists that really sat down and said to their fans, be you, and be proud of being you. Someone like David Bowie, someone like Iggy Pop - these incredible human beings and artists that just were like: stay true to yourself. Say what you want to say, whether it’s through your wardrobe, whether it’s through your music, whether it’s through your painting. And I think Jamie listens to that and she wants to be an individual, and she’s proud to be her own person. She lives her own life for her.
There’s obviously a lot of you in Jamie – how do you differ?
Juno: I spend a lot of time in my pyjamas. Jamie would never be caught dead in her pyjamas. Not in public. Never. That’s the one big difference between us.
You and James have quite an intimate scene in the very first episode…
Juno: Yes we do! We shot that on my 25th birthday. So that was a wild day for me, turning 25, butt naked, directed by Martin Scorsese, having sex with Mick Jagger’s son. I’ll never forget that birthday.
Did you have any anxiety about that scene?
Juno: Yes, of course I was nervous, because it’s a really powerful scene. She’s turning around to this guy being like, actually, you’ve got some serious power with what you’re doing, so own it, grab it, and say what you want to say. I was definitely nervous, but when you’re working with such an amazing team, headed up by Martin Scorsese, being naked is the last thing on your mind.
Have you enjoyed living in New York while filming Vinyl?
Juno: Oh my god, I loved it, I chose to live in the Lower East Side because I thought that’s where Jamie would spend a lot of time. It’s just sad that you walk past CBGB’s now, and it’s a John Varvatos store. I would give anything to have gone to one gig there. Just one. One gig.
How much did you get from Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese and Terry Winter about the period?
Juno: Marty and Mick are like these two amazing godfather figures that we can go to and talk, and then Terry creating this story with them - we’re these lucky creatures that are getting to bring it all to life. 

I asked Mick a lot of questions. I think it’s important to ask questions and not be afraid to ask questions – otherwise, I think you’re only going to give a bad performance. Like my dad said, knowledge is the key to life.


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