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Muslims should have as many children as possible: Qasim

A separatist leader has asked Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir to marry more than once and have as many children as possible to preserve the Muslim-majority character of the state.

“We appeal well-to-do Muslims to marry more than once and have as many children as possible. The Quranic tenet of justice between wives is only in providing equal provision and not inclination of the heart,” Mohammad Qasim, who is serving a life sentence on murder charges, said in a statement emailed by his party Muslim-Deenimahaz, on Saturday.

Qasim, husband of Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Asiya Andrabi, said, “the settlement of refugees in Jammu and Kashmir was a ploy to change the Muslim-majority status of the state.” 

He said Kashmiri Muslims are themselves playing a part in their own destruction.

“Girls are being married late which implies less children-bearing capability. The excuse given for late marriages is that the youth (groom) should become economically stable,” he said. 
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