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Musings of a quiet artist

Lalit Kala Akademi is presenting  Inner Voices, a solo show of artist Vijendra Sharma from December 13 which will go on till December 19, in its gallery number three and four. The exhibition is to curated by Uma Nair. 

Vijender the artist is quiet for contemporary taste. The paintings look at his Desire series that deal with the pressures and struggles of life as well as images that speak of ambition, of self realization, of the new woman and a few other large canvasses.”The New Woman” is a surreal work of a young girl sitting on a chair completely covered with a newspaper wrapping from head to toe.

Influenced as a young artist by realism ,he made one of the most astonishing leaps in Indian contemporary art - transforming himself into a painter of hyper realist abstractions and studies of human portraits and choreographed compositions. He was particularly attracted to subjects and thinkers who looked beneath the surface of the modern world -- to create corollaries where even a stone wall seems to have a secret life

“Vijender Sharma  has always painted dream worlds, a world that is only half articulate and leaves the rest to a strange eloquent silence. Using images from his childhood, religious iconography and the stories of the mythic and religious Indian epics, he has created an oeuvre that is deeply private, resonant with modern myth and full of complexity”, says curator Uma Nair.

He wants to convey a profound view of existence, one suggesting that, to borrow Thoreau’s words, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This show, includes many of his archetypal figures from reality myth and his own idea of fantasy: a young girl wrapped up in newspaper, a hairy man breaking out of a sheath that looks tight ,a wrinkled pair of hands held in clenched closeness while the flowers around speak of the power of the human spirit.

“My subjects are born out of everyday realities. Not only do they offer me a rich visual source, the human experience also reveals the ritualistic, experiential and decorative nature of contemporary art trends - a point which sets the modern millennium story apart from the traditional legends. During and after my travels all over the world and in India ,images of human habit provide the inspiration and visual sources enabled the me to crystalise my exploration of an aesthetic style in terms of the hyper realist idioms,” says Vijender Sharma.
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