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Musically festive

Musically festive
Also the show Understanding Qawwali will showcase the anthropology and social impact of the art form of Qawwali through live musical performance by Khanqahi qawwals on the occasion of Holi, documentaries and lectures by experts. Rang-E-Ishq, Colours of Love is conceived and conceptualised by Manjari Chaturvedi, the evening brings together traditional Qawwals from Hyderabad singing traditional Holi and basant and the association of these festivals with Sufi saints.

It will be interesting to note how a seamless amalgamation of cultures, religions, philosophies and arts has always been integral to the Indian subcontinent. Through the concert, the audiences will experience this interesting crossover as the Qawwals sprinkle the evening with the Colours of Love – that of Radha-Krishna entranced as they smear each other with colour in rapture on the festival Holi and that of Sufi saints for their masters and the Almighty, the love for a form and of the formless, the colours in their literal and in their ornate.

Understanding Qawwali 2015, seeks to discuss, debate and understand Qawwali as a traditional art form of Indian sub-continent and further seeks to enlighten the masses about the same. The symposium is organised in continuation with the five year programme of SKF (Sufi Kathak Foundation), whereby each year a symposium will be organized to create interest and awareness about Qawwali and other related art forms based on Sufi thought belonging to the Indian sub-continent featuring experts, musicologists, film makers, students and traditional performers as a part of the panel discussion. 

The seminar will feature talks by eminent scholars and presenters, including celebrated Indian filmmaker. This year, the symposium will focus on the cultural and social anthropology of Qawwali.

When: March 7
Where: Multipurpose Hall, India International Centre
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