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The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre (HICC) in the Capital is all set to being the New year in high spirits. From film screenings to instrumental recitals, the month of January has a lot going on for those who appreciate Hungarian art.

Ambassador to Bern (A berni követ), directed by Attila Szász  isa fictional account of the 1958 attack against the Hungarian embassy in Bern, the film is based on a true story about the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. 

A tense, twist-filled drama plays out behind the closed doors of the embassy, and the international relations soon begin to boil: Hungary’s government demands immediate action, Swiss policemen surround the building and Hungarian immigrants demonstrate on the street. The film will be screened at HICC on January 15 at an event titled Fábri Film Club.

Concert Tour: a series of flute and Piano recital by Dávid Simon and János Palojtay will go on from January 20 to February 1 in Delhi and other cities in the country.

Dávid Simon (flutist, composer, educator) studied at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest and at the University of Music and Theater. Since 1996, he has several national and international awards to his credit. As a composer, he has also won special prize of the Béla Bartók competition, organised for the young Hungarian composers. 

János Palojtay (pianist, soloist, improviser, and composer) began to play piano at the young age of five and began his training of talented students in music at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. He has won several International prizes and participated as a soloist in many international festivals. He is a part of the famous Ludwig Ensemble and has played with various well known orchestras and opera.

Petofi Book Club at HICC will be held on January 22. January 22 is the Day of Culture in Hungary. It is the day, when Hungarian poet Ferenc Kölcsey (1790 - 1838) has finished the Himnusz, the verses of the Hungarian Anthem, in 1823. 

The music was composed by Ferenc Erkel (1810 - 1893) and is played by orchestra or sung, in each festive occasion. There will be a commemorative lecture by Ágnes Kirpalani as well.

Cocos Nuciferas (India art fair), Spirit and Matter by MD Deleep (Marc Delorme) and by three woman artistes - Three Generations from Hungary is an art work exhibition to be held from January 27 to February 28.

An amalgamated art show under the aegis of India Art Fair, represented by Marc Delorme (a French-Swiss artist) and an exhibition-cum-performance, curated by art historian, writer and curator Katalin Keseru , organised by art consultant Anna Bagyó with the participation of three Hungarian woman artists: Ilona Lovas, Anna Makovecz and Villo Turcsány.

Open Day for Schools is a Children’s programme at HICC on January 30 by Johanna Balchandani.
This exclusive programme for school children introduces Hungary in terms of its history, geography, people, art and culture.

A short documentary film gives a brief snapshot of the country’s landscapes and a firsthand experience on the rich and vibrant culture of Hungary. 

The students may also get a chance to view the ongoing exhibition at the gallery of the Centre.
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