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Murky affair

Madhya Pradesh Vyavsayik Pareeksha Mandal, better known as Vyapam, and identified <g data-gr-id="25">nation-wide</g> as the latest scam is a strain of what the system of this country is riddled with. Nepotism is the unsaid norm for most procedures. Only this time, it is one of an extreme degree. The busting of this scam leads one to think what may be the big deal with this just-another-scam coming to the surface.

The elements of concern, in this case, is not the intensity of the scam but the subsequent incidents that follow from it. Over forty of the accused persons or witnesses in the case have died, twenty-three of which have been proven to be “unnatural” deaths. Many of the dead were between the age of twenty-five and thirty, and “road accidents” were cited as the leading cause of death. This, clearly, is a systematic eliminating of linkages to the scam. The death of people between ages twenty-five to thirty fit well to explain the impersonators that would be crucial to unraveling the scam.The rigged recruitment tests include Pre-PG, Food Inspector Selection Test, Milk Federation test, Subedar-Sub Inspector and Platoon Commander Selection Test, and Police Constable Recruitment Test.All these areas are more than just placing people on jobs. The Food Inspector selection is crucial to the various schemes such as mid-day meals. 

This practice of mid-day meals, for instance, is a partly potential and mostly actual scam that thrives at the cost of poor children who are made to fall for the prospect of education at the <g data-gr-id="35">bait</g> of a meal.Recruitment for Milk Federation points to the old and established money-minting dairy business. Laundering money by this means is rather safe. Hand-picked Sub-inspectors deployed at specific posts also indicate an arrangement for business, narcotics being among the most prolific ones. Police constables are pivotal in letting go of any suspicious catch. All these possible angles point to a possible larger underlying racket that is yet to come to the surface. This is so far a state-level scam the investigation of which brings out more mysteries. The suggested CBI probe into this matter will be more effective and must be undertaken by the earliest.
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