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Murder was motive: Lt Gen Brar

Lt Gen K S Brar, who was assaulted by four people in central London on Sunday night, is convinced that it was an attempt to assassinate him by ‘pro-Khalistan elements’ for his role in the 1984 ‘Operation Bluestar’.

Brar, who kicked and fought three of the four assailants, suffered a knife wound in the neck and is recovering after receiving medical treatment at a London hospital soon after the attack near the busy Marble Arch area. He is due to return to India today.

‘This was a pure assassination attempt on me. Even on Internet there are so many threats being sent to me to say that there have been many attempts on your life but they haven’t succeeded, but the next one will succeed. They’ve been after me.’ Brar told a television channel last night.

‘On 6th of June, which is the anniversary of Bluestar every year, particularly in London, the radical Sikhs come out in procession with banners and make pledges to kill me. So it was a pure assassination attempt,’ he said.

Brar said it was ‘obvious’ that the assailants were Khalistan sympathisers, who, he added, wanted to kill him since ‘Operation Bluestar’.

Describing the incident, the 78-year-old Brar said he fought with the assailants, with ‘abnormal strength’, Recovering from the attack, Brar said he was now under heavy security in the London hotel, including personnel from Scotland and the military attache from the Indian high commission.

The hotel where he is staying had been cordoned off, he added. ‘I did not have security in London but now there is a hell lot of security around me,’ he said.

 Brar, who has been on the hit-list of various extremists organisations for his central role in Operation Blue Star in 1984, said he was convinced that the assault was a bid to assassinate him. Operation Bluestar was aimed at flushing out Sikh terrorists led by Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale from the Golden Temple.    
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Prasun Sonwalkar

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