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Munich disaster comes back haunting

 Abreshmina S Quadri |  2016-12-01 22:52:47.0  |  New Delhi

As the world woke up to the news of Colombia plane crash, one couldn't help but be reminded of the darkest day in football; Munich air tragedy. Munich air disaster still stings a million hearts and as the plane, carrying the Chapecoense football team crashed, the wounds were just cut open. 

Back in 1958, a plane carrying eight Manchester United players and three of the club's staff crashed and none survived. The incident has been a big black bot on the history of football ever since. The plane to Colombia was carrying Chapecoense team just like the plane back in 1958 was carrying eight of Manchester United's. In the Munich air disaster, eight journalists breathed their last and the Colombia plane crash has reportedly taken the lives of 21 football journalists. 

No one survived the Munich tragedy but reportedly six have survived this. As heart and prayers reach out for the fresh victims and the survivors, the wounds of the past sting. 

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