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Mulayam to play kingmaker

Samajvadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is a politician to be watched and assessed suitably. His father wanted to make him a wrestler and sent him to number of akharas to learn the techniques of deflating rivals at all times to come. It is generally said that Mulayam is a hard nut to crack, hence would never like to change his stand easily. Mulayam is a tough, robust and strong leader in his state. It is evident from the fact that the ill-will generated in case of the BSP leader and former chief minister is not going to die even in the next few decades. A follower of Ram Manohar Lohia, Raj Narain and Charan Singh, he has been nurturing Samajwadi Party, formed in 1992. Only two regional parties have been able to secure absolute majority in the Assembly in the state and both are being separately controlled by a single person.

‘Netaji’, as Mulayam is called in the political circles, has not been happy with the performance of the Samajwadi Party UP government headed by his youthful and inexperienced son Akhilesh Yadav. Akhilesh, nick named Tipu, has not yet been able to become Tipu Sultan even after completing one year as the chief minister. Netaji, while addressing a gathering on the occasion of the 103rd birth anniversary of the socialist messiah Ram Manohar Lohia, expressed his displeasure over the performance of Akhilesh government. Netaji not only asked his son to mend his ways but also gave a sermon in a befitting manner to improve, else perish. Mulayam was undoubtedly angry over the rampant corruption in the state and moreover the
modus operandi
of the ministers in involving themselves in corrupt practices. The worse and surprising part was the reference to Lal Krishna Advani; Mulayam described him as the tallest and an honest leader who would never tell a lie. Mulayam’s outburst against the state government was based on the input provided by Advani. Mulayam, a former defence minister, was not at all interested in defending the allegations of corruption stated by veteran BJP leader because he was evidently concerned about the fate of his son and effect of such a fragile administration on the ensuing Lok Sabha election. It’s but natural, being a father his concern seems to be justified as he would continue to dream a better future of Akhilesh. Mulayam also stated that he would continue to contact Advani to get a feedback on the standing and popularity of
Akhilesh government.

Recently, Ram Gopal Yadav, the second tallest leader in Samajvadi Party, also ventured to surprise many political analysts. He stated publicly that earlier NDA, a family of more than 22 parties, was more cohesive than the present ruling combine UPA. Ram Gopal Yadav observed that Vajpayee had more glued power than the present prime minister. The observation of Ram Gopal came at a critical juncture, when UPA was trying to pacify DMK over the Sri Lanka issue and looked like an attempt to enhance negotiating power of Yadav outfit.

But the two observations need to be studied in depth, so as to draw a conclusion. Is it a trailer of the shape that is to appear in the future, or just a coincidence which resulted in surprising utterances by the two Yadav brothers? Mulayam is always considered to be a one of the great champion of Muslim cause would ever dare to damage his vote bank that too at the very point of time when Muslims have started drifting from his party? The walk over by Shahi Imam Jama Masjid, Delhi and resignation of his son-in-law Omar Ali from the legislative council and another official post and ongoing cold war between number two in state cabinet, Azam Khan and Akhilesh are the two factors which might be disturbing Mulayam. It may be recalled that Shahi Imam worked overtime to help Mulayam in getting Muslim votes in wholesale. Whether the remarks made by Mulayam and his brother on Advani and saffron combine are a calculated move or just a matter of sensation, there might be any ground behind such utterances. Mulayam could be thinking of the post-election scenario in 2014 or he wants to gain sympathy of a national party, when he is being rudely attacked by his friend turned foe Bani Babu, Minister of Steel in UPA government.

Beni babu is still continuing with his tirade against Mulayam, even after being pulled up by the UPA chairperson and the prime minister. It is not like that Beni Babu is all out to settle his old score. Anyhow, rhetoric of Beni is becoming bit louder day by day. Seemingly Mulayam is not feeling scared of Beni Babu though his move towards saffron party veteran leader cannot be termed as totally meaningless.

As a senior politician Mulayam, is well aware that no single party is going to secure an absolute majority in the next Loksabha elections. Moreover, Mulayam would strive hard by pooling all resources to win the maximum number of seats from his state in order to have strength either to lead the nation or become a king maker. He has also realised that no party is untouchable as far as coalition politics is concerned, hence he might have honestly tried to make bridges with the saffron party.

Satpal is a communication consultant
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