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Mulayam bails out 'minority government'

On the day when Trinamool Congress [TMC] withdrew its support from the government and its ministers submitted their resignation, the Samajwadi Party [SP] finally declared its decision, with SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav saying his party would continue supporting the government from outside.

‘Our support is clear, we will not not let communal forces come to power, that is why I am supporting. I am not not in UPA, but we are supporting the government so that communal forces do not not make any progress,’ said SP chief Yadav. On the question whether he would be joining the government, the SP chief said it was a meaningless talk.

On the question of whether his party is in favour of mid term elections in the country, the SP chief said: ‘Where is the question of mid-term polls? Ask Congress about this, what they want and whether they want it or they want to run the government.’ He added that it does not depend on him, whether there will be mid term elections or not and this will be government responsibility.

Though keeping away the communal forces is the reason that is being cited by SP, its general secretary Naresh Agarwal said that his party has never been part of the government.’Even if our 22 MPs do not support the government,  Mayawati  with  21 MPs can provide support,’ said Agarwal.

However, Mulayam Singh Yadav insisted that his party would continue to oppose FDI and diesel hike.
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